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Austin real estate investments can offer stability, low-risk, and accrue equity. Investing with Alexander Residential provides an entire new arena of real estate development opportunities that will enhance the way you invest. We stand out as the innovative force in multi-unit and residential property investments because Alexander provides:

  • An all-in-one singular investment resource

  • A team of hand-selected industry experts

  • Custom one-of-a-kind designs that remain timeless

  • Boutique-style, exceptional customer care

Alexander Real Estate Developments Made Easy

Alexander stands out as the innovative force in multi-unit and residential property investments. When you invest in an Alexander development, you can be assured that expert care and opulence will be delivered from a plethora of industry knowledge. 

Why stretch yourself thin by running back and forth between builders, lenders, and Realtors? Alexander makes real estate development easy by offering an entire team under the same roof. Our team consists of:

  • Various finance experts spanning the entire industry

  • Realtors and brokers with niche and area specialties

  • Architects and design team

  • Builders and contractors

With our unique, all-in-one investment model, Alexander efficiently saves our investors’ time through our simple direct chain of communication. Having the entire team in-house also ensures that member’s strengths are used to leverage your investment.

Austin Real Estate Development Experts

Have you ever had a self-proclaimed expert tell you that something can’t be done? If so, the person was no expert. With Alexander the word “can’t” is non-existent because we are staffed with true industry experts. 

Some of the feats we perform that showcase our expertise include:

  • Innovative financing, including hard money loans and others

  • Land surveying and acquisition

  • Master architect capable of crafting any design style or combining various styles together to meet specific investor requests

  • Veteran realtors and brokers whose market knowledge extends well beyond your standard realty team in the local strip mall

  • Access to a high-quality list of buyers and renters

  • High-return on investment

  • Market forecasting expertise

Why Invest in an Alexander Development?

  • The best plots of land in areas with high property values and attractive views

  • Access to the best school districts

  • Unparalleled luxury in both the design and build

  • Top-end finishes that add value

  • Timeless design that will never go out of style

  • A team of experts working conveniently under the same roof

  • Ingenious financing solutions that offer better terms and rates

The integrity of our Alexander signature is in everything we do; from the deals we negotiate to homes we build and even in the way we answer the phone—perfection and our dedication to give investors the best service of their lives is our goal, at all times.

When you invest in an Alexander development, you will experience our white glove treatment through the entire process of securing your high-return investment. Let’s sit down and explore your options on investing in an opulent property that will continue to pay you for decades to come. 


Build Your Dream Home

Our distinctive homes are built by first-class architects, designers and engineers who create exceptional masterpieces of architecture for each individual client.

Alexander uses luxury materials from across the nation to create stunning homes with impressive exteriors and timeless interiors. 

Custom Designers

Alexander custom homes are peerless in their superior classic workmanship, stylish romantic livability and elegant, flawless detail. Our design process creates fine homes of unparalleled quality, unique to your desires and vision.

We understand that we aren’t just building homes; we’re creating a residence for love, laughter and growth that will foster a lifetime of memories.

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